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Play2Play Digital visit

Online exhibition, event, meeting, performance and collaborative creation WMAN gathered in Manyland to build an space called WMAN Hub. This area was a welcoming hub and an unofficial backstage of the festival OurNetworks ( During the opening, people were invited to come and build a second room alltogether, melting crafting, drawing and dancing skills alltogether. WMAN crew will be online in this space the 09/09, 10/09, 11/09, and 12/09 to welcome people that want to come and play ! A big thank you to OurNetworks, and to Tiphaine, Vlad, Phebus, Briwa, name: _ , Marion, Benjamin, Henry, Simon, Mami écrase les prou, Dawn Walker, SpruggleDancer, & OB for building with us ! much love <3 <3